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Becoming a Surrogate Mother: What You Need to Know

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Women who choose to become surrogate mothers do so mainly because of two reasons:

i) they want to help a childless couple
ii) financial need

However, it is very important that young women looking to become surrogate mothers make themselves clear about their rights and duties. There are two ways in which a woman can become a surrogate mother. The first is by approaching an agency, and the second is becoming an independent surrogate. The foremost criterion for becoming a surrogate mother is having a healthy physical condition, whereby the woman can successfully carry a pregnancy to its full term, and deliver a healthy child.

The second important step in this process is to educate one’s self. In the United States, all the states have different laws regarding the practice of surrogacy. The woman needs to know all the rules of the arrangement, and know fully well what she will be expected to do. They also need to analyze the impact of such a decision on their personal lives. How will it affect their family and job? They also need to talk to the surrogacy agencies as well as independent surrogates to know which option will suit them the best.

In case the woman wants to proceed with the help of an agency, her first task is to select an agency for her. Selecting just the right kind of agency is also a crucial step. The woman has to make sure she is completely comfortable with the agency. The woman can also ask for references from the agencies. Once she has been enrolled in an agency as a surrogate mother, she needs to look for a family to which she can offer her services. Since the couple and the surrogate mother will be spending their next nine months together, it is crucial they get along well with each other. Once the couple has made their decision, the process of surrogacy will get underway after a contract has been duly signed by both the parties. The contract will mention all the details of the arrangement.

Being an independent surrogate mother is a slightly difficult task, as the carrier has to manage all the paperwork by herself. Therefore, she needs to be careful about the agreement she draws up. She has to make sure it takes care of the cost ensued in the process, the carrier’s fees, as well as her living expenses for the period.

Surrogate mother costs

While the cost of carrying a pregnancy to its full-term and delivering a child is not much, the surrogate mothers charge money owing to the emotional and physical service offered during this period. The cost depends on what has been included in the ‘fully inclusive medical quote’. These may include fee for carrying the baby, cost incurred on the residence, food, and traveling apart from costs incurred on aspects such as visit to the gynecologists and medicines.



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