What are the Side Effects of Green Tea During Pregnancy?

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   It is very important to monitor the health of pregnant women to ensure the health of the mother along with the baby. Some women are quite anxious because of the various changes that take place in their body. Doctors often recommend a diet routine for pregnant women, if you are among these you should be extra careful with your food consumption to avoid any complications. In this article, we have discussed the various side effects of green tea during pregnancy. You can real also, What are Common Pregnancy Complications?

Why you should avoid green tea during pregnancy?

According to some studies, drinking too much green tea during pregnancy is not good this is because, doctors and researchers were able to prove that green tea contains caffeine. Caffeine intake is discouraged during pregnancy because of certain side effects.

                     Therefore, despite the many health benefits of green tea which includes preventing cancer, improving the heart’s health, boosting the immunity, aids digestion, lowers cholesterol, improve dental health, lowers the level of blood sugar, and many others, it is not advisable to drink green tea when women are pregnant.

How green tea affect pregnancy?

Studies have proven that green tea contains epigallocatechin or EGCG which affects the utilization of Folic Acid (Folate) in the body. Folate is very important during pregnancy because it can help in preventing birth defects in the neural tube.                              

                      EGCG becomes harmful in pregnancy because it resembles the structure of methotrexate. Methotrexate can get rid of cancer cells by bonding an enzyme called dihydrofolate reductase or DHFR.

               The folate pathway contains these enzymes and since the EGCG is similar to methotrexate, it also binds with the enzyme and the enzyme gets inactivated. Once the enzymes are inactivated, the body can not utilize folate effectively. 

              Some doctors recommend pregnant women to take a moderate amount of tea as well as coffee. If you are still unaware, green tea also has caffeine and it is not recommended to drink a lot of beverages which contain caffeine during pregnancy. If you want to be extra sure, ask your doctor next time when you have an appointment. Always keep in mind that your health and that of your baby is of great importance.

            It is also found that caffeine causes miscarriage and lower birth weight among infants. Drinking around six cups of coffee per day can definitely affect your baby’s weight at birth. If you do not want your baby to suffer, you can take a cup of coffee a day or if you want, you can just stop drinking coffee. The amount of caffeine in green tea is lower than that of coffee and therefore you can drink more than one cup; but as mentioned above, ask your doctor about it first. 

Pregnancy will take nine months only and so you have to enjoy it. There will be a lot of body changes, but just think that you will rejoice the day your precious baby comes. If you can avoid taking caffeinated drinks, then try to stay away from them during pregnancy.

How much green tea should I take?

Although the health benefits of green tea are remarkable and it does contain caffeine and there has no study yet established the right quantity of green tea intake especially among pregnant women. If you are not pregnant and you don’t have any problems related to caffeine intake, then you can drink as many teas as you like. Be careful in drinking green tea; perhaps you can settle for a small cup every other day just to satisfy your thirst for it.

When you feel anything abnormal, seek the help of your doctor at once. Besides, it’s just going to be for nine months and after that, you can resume in drinking tea again.

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