Pregnancy Week 32: Baby’s growth, Mother’s changes, Symptoms, Advice

Pregnancy Week 32

Guess, presume and speculate – your baby is s/he.
This week is very interesting with your baby gaining sufficient weight and the last “Midas Touch” is on.
Let’s take you through Pregnancy Week 32.

Baby’s growth at Pregnancy Week 32:

Your baby has now gained a weight of 4 pounds and 11.4 inches in length from the crown to the rump. The 5 senses of the baby have started functioning.

Now, At Pregnancy Week 32, the concluding strokes are getting applied to the baby. Now the eyebrows, eyelashes, the baby’s hair on the head are apparent. From the 2nd trimester, the lunago starts falling off, though some remnants can be observed on the baby’s back and shoulders during birth.

Pregnancy Week 32

Mother’s changes at Pregnancy Week 32:

While the prenatal visits, the health care instructor would observe the urine, blood pressure and swelling developments. Indications of abrupt weight increase; face or hand swelling, headaches, or vision problems could be signals of preeclampsia. This results in soaring blood pressure along with urine containing protein. Certainly convey the health care contributor in case you come across any of these, as both the baby including the mother gets affected. These days you should be having a frequent appointment with your health care instructor.

The measurement of the uterus is approximately five inches above the navel and it’s pushing the organs wherein causing constipation, heartburn, breathlessness, and indigestion. So drink an adequate quantity of water and consume ample fiber to lessen constipation, and consume recurrent meals to take care of your indigestion and also heartburn during Pregnancy Week 32.

Father’s role at Pregnancy Week 32:

In case you have not decided to ascertain your baby’s gender, you along with mom, friend and relatives must be presuming the gender-based on old tales. Many would share their experiences of presumption. Taking part in these hypotheses is really amusing.

Let’s share some of these hypotheses. For example – when dad is extra nervous, it would be a girl. When dad is stress-free, then it could be a boy. If much of domestic development is on, then mom is going to give birth to a boy. If dad were into least of domestic developments, then surely a girl would bless the couple. If mom and dad both put on weight simultaneously, then the newborn is a boy, and if dad has no change in his weight, then the newborn possible would be a girl- Pregnancy Week 32


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