Pregnancy Week 27: Baby’s growth, Mother’s changes, Symptoms, Advice

Pregnancy Week 27

At the end of Pregnancy Week 27, you must be feeling great that you have already finished the second semester.

Mother’s Changes at Pregnancy Week 27:

During this week, you would be feeling a bit breathless. The uterus has risen to the level of your rib cage and your lungs are not being able to expand properly. You do not have cause for worry as the baby is safe and is not lacking in the supply of oxygen. The circulatory system is at work all the more now, with special thanks to the pregnancy hormones that caused you much discomfort earlier on.

At pregnancy week 25, the dad can think of taking paternity leave and if you are a working mom you would have to think of maternity leave and whether or not at all you would be going to work after the arrival of the baby.

The body starts nurturing and protecting the baby. Caring for the baby who is just born is a great skill. You can think of signing up for classes concerning childbirth, newborn problems, breast-feeding, baby proofing, and others. When you learn all you can about the birth of the baby, you will feel more confident.

Baby’s Growth at Pregnancy Week 27:

The baby continues to grow and the lungs too, retinas in the eyes begin to form. The baby grows over half of an inch every week. He will be about one and one-third feel long now.

By the end of the first week in Semester 3, the baby looks quite similar to what he would look at the time when he would be born, except smaller and thinner. The immune system would get mature, along with the liver and the lungs and if the baby is born now, there is a good chance of his survival. Your baby continues to grow throughout pregnancy week 27 and he might be able to recognize your voice and your partner’s. The ears are covered with vernix, which is a coating like wax that protects the ears from the amniotic acid from flowing in.

Pregnancy Week 27

Father’s Role:

Pregnancy Week 27: Don’t get surprised if you get awakened in the middle of the night by her “cravings”. Yes, this is the time she would crave for goodies even in the middle of the night. And, what’s more? You must be prepared to get awakened in the middle of the night by the baby a little later.


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