Pregnancy Week 20: Baby’s growth, Mother’s changes, Symptoms

Pregnancy Week 20

The childbirth classes begin.
As the halfway mark is reached, both the mom and dad need to prepare themselves by knowing more about childbirth.
Let’s take you through Pregnancy Week 20.

Baby’s growth at Pregnancy Week 20:

As you have reached the Pregnancy Week 20, you have reached the halfway landmark. The baby in you has developed considerably compared to initial dividing of cells and your baby now weighs approximately 11 ounces with a length of 6.3 inches starting from the crown to the rump.

As your baby grows, it increases in size thus occupying much space in the uterus, wherein you would feel a pressure on your kidneys, bladder, stomach and lungs. Beneath the vernix caseosa, the baby’s skin keeps on thickening and layers gets developed. The growth of nail and hair carries on.

Pregnancy Week 20

Your baby now sleeps and keeps awake just like a newborn baby. Scalp hair growth continues. In case if you are carrying a girl, then her uterus starts developing.

Mother’s changes at Pregnancy Week 20:

By this time your health care instructor might suggest you to get an ultrasound test done, which features sound waves for creating an image.

The position and the size of your fetus, and the detection of structural abnormalities pertaining to the organs and bones can be ascertained. While this test is being conducted, the amniotic fluid, placenta and the umbilical cord can undergo an examination. Always discuss with your health care instructor about the safety of the test.

Now your uterus is positioned at the navel. Some softness may be felt, and the belly button turns out to be an “outtie” due to the uterus pressure. The line flanked by the navel and the public hair darkens, which would gradually fade away after delivery. As the baby’s movements happen to be stronger by now, you must be experiencing your baby very often.

Father’s role at Pregnancy Week 20:

Mom nowadays must be very busy in attending childbirth classes existing in the locality and giving you feedbacks with childbirth styles, dates, times and other related aspects which you are surely hearing for the first time. Give a patience hearing and please attend the classes with her too. Some dads are unenthusiastic in attending such classes.

The week’s inspiration:

Pregnancy Week 20: Many years later when you’re grown up baby would attend childbirth classes.


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