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3 Weeks Pregnancy:Tips, Advice, Symptoms, Baby Development.


Some amazing things are happening in your body at 3 weeks pregnancy, and some mothers may experience early signs and symptoms.

Conception which generally occurs late of week 2 or starting of week 3 that is 3 weeks Pregnancy. The cell that is the zygote splits into two after conception. The zygote becomes 16 celled after three days. The zygote has migrated from the fallopian tube to the uterus after two more days. After one week conception that is the late of 3 weeks Pregnancy the zygote burrows itself into the uterine lining which is called endometrium. The zygote is now called as a blastocyst.

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Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters:

First trimester: From conception to 12 weeks
Second trimester: From 12 to 24 weeks
Third trimester: From 24 to 40 weeks.

        First Trimester

3 weeks pregnant is how many months?

An women of 3 week pregnant is in the month 1 of her pregnancy. There are 8 months to go!

This week…

  • Baby on board!

You have an embryo embedded in your uterine lining. It will soon become a fetus, now it is still a cluster of cells that are growing and multiplying. It is almost about the size of a pinhead.

  • Consult Your Doctor

Consult Your Doctor about whether or not it is safe to continue taking any existing medication.

  • Pregnancy Test

You may be able to find out whether you are pregnant this week using an extra-sensitive pregnancy test.

  • Boy or girl?

You don’t know whether you are having a baby boy or girl till about 14 weeks Pregnancy. But the fact is that the gender is determined at the moment of fertilization and is completely by chance. You have no role in that.

  • Healthy lifestyle

            While you are waiting to find out whether                                                                       you are pregnant, avoid alcohol, smoking, and caffeine and eat a balanced diet. This will give your baby a great start.

Checklist for 3 weeks Pregnancy.…

  1. Pregnancy symptoms at 3 weeks pregnancy.
  2. Your baby at 3 weeks pregnancy.
  3. Your body at 3 weeks pregnancy.
  4. Tips for you at 3 weeks pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms at 3 weeks Pregnancy:

The basal body temperature of an women decreases to the lowest just before the ovulation and then immediately increases almost half a degree after ovulation. You can feel pressure in your abdomen or even light cramping without bleeding is very common, especially during the first pregnancies, these things indicates that everything is right, there is nothing wrong going on. You may feel the sensation of implantation, increased blood flow and growth of your uterus. Increased cervical mucus

If you observe the changes in your cervical mucus during the Trying To conceive month, you can notice that it changes consistently from week to week. At present that is at 3 weeks Pregnancy your mucus is probably thick, sticky and creamy, but as you head toward conception day the volume of mucus will increase and it will look like cloudy.

Your baby at 3 weeks Pregnancy: 

Your baby is now like a ball having around 100 cells called a blastocyst. It burrows into the lining of the uterus called endometrium which has some projections for a firm attachment. The space where it implants in the endometrium will eventually develop into a placenta for the transportation of waste from baby and nutrients to the baby. For now yolk sac nourishes your baby in the earliest stages.

Your body at 3 weeks Pregnancy: 

Hormones, including estrogen and progesterone released into your body helps the blastocyst settle safely. It can be experience very early symptoms such as sore breasts and fatigue. 

When implantation occurs it can cause some slight bleeding called spotting but this bleeding should be light, brief, and not painful.

Tips for you at 3 weeks Pregnancy: 

List the Medications That You Take Currently or Seasonally: 

Since you are planning a pregnancy, you should categorise the medications because there may be some medications that will not be safe for you while you are pregnant or there may be some special rules in taking them.

Recognize The Early Pregnancy Symptoms:

Early pregnancy symptoms are generally described as resembling with premenstrual

symptoms. Some women ignore every little symptom and waiting for their period is the most

helpful way to approach it while others are confident that they can tell the difference

between premenstrual symptomsl and early pregnancy.

Some more common early pregnancy symptoms are:

  • Sore breasts.
  • Crankiness.
  • Feeling bloated.
  • Sensitivity to certain smells.
  • Fatigue.

Boost your iron and vitamin C level

Womens are generally gets attracted towards metals like gold but in actual they needs iron. Eating more vitamin C can help increase your iron absorption. These two things you need to help support your increased blood volume.

You can get vitamin C in fruits, specially in citrus fruits and vegetables like kiwi, mango, strawberries, melons, bell peppers, tomatoes and asparagus. Iron can be found in soy products, beef, poultry and dried fruit.

Be Strongly Prepared Emotionally:

You can expect to experience emotional and physical symptoms in early pregnancy. You may find that you go back and forth

between being insanely excited and at the same time being worried. Emotional acceptance of

pregnancy will come in time definitely but how long it takes, varies from woman to woman.

You may scare by thinking about the feeling you are going through but don’t worry, these things doesn’t mean that you will not be a good mother or you will not take care of your baby. In actual the opposite things occurs.

Get plenty of protein

Take at least three servings of protein a day to help in proper development of new tissue of your baby. Great protein sources include eggs, fish, dairy and legumes, etc.

Avoid drinking and smoking

Both parents should adopt a healthy lifestyle to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol, reduce caffeine intake, and get regular exercise.

Keep distance from the pets

In pregnancy, it is more important to keep distance from pets because these are the barrier for some dangerous disease causing organisms. 

Take a test

Before you perform a home pregnancy test, confirm the cessation of your period. Then wait a couple of hours before getting the result. Now a days, you can find out you’re expecting much earlier, faster and with better accuracy than ever before. Still, it can take one extra week or more than that after a missed period before you produce enough of the pregnancy hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) for the detection on a test. If you have done it earlier and the result came negative, repeat the test again in a few days.

Try to relax

Among Yoga,Meditation, Reading, Whatever makes you relax, try to do it. There are some stress related enzymes and women who have the highest levels of a stress-related enzyme in their saliva called alpha-amylase were 29 percent less likely to get pregnant than those with the low levels of these enzymes.

Eat healthy meals:

Eat healthy meals like:

  • Dairy Products. 

During pregnancy, you need to take extra care to consume some extra protein and calcium to meet the needs of the developing fetus.

  • Legumes.
  • Eggs.
  • Sweet Potatoes.
  • Fish Liver Oil.
  • Salmon.
  • Leafy Greens.
  • Lean Meat.

Above all the discussion, Congratulations! You are going to be a mother. From this week that is 3 weeks Pregnancy you are actually approaching towards your Pregnancy.


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